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Greater Better Britain

Greater Better Britain is an organisation focused on rejuvenating the United Kingdom, including the overseas territories. Working to develop and inspire her people to make a Greater Better Britain for all Britons whether in the home nations or abroad.”


Commonwealth Exchange

A foundation co-founded by UCS member Tim Hewish, Commonwealth Exchange is dedicated to the promotion of the trade, educational, and defensive capabilities of The Commonwealth.

Friends of the British Overseas Territories

Friends of the British Overseas Territories is a community focused group which aims to promote, support and increase awareness of the 260,000 Britons that live abroad in the sixteen territories.”
Royal Commonwealth Society

The Royal Commonwealth Society is an international education charity. With a remit to promote international understanding across the Commonwealth, especially among young people, the RCS has an impressive portfolio of charitable activities.”


“The Commonwealth Freedom of Movement Organisation advocates and campaigns for a freedom of movement initiative between citizens of the U.K, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.”

The Round Table

The Round Table: The Commonwealth Journal of International Affairs is the remnant of the early 20th century Round Table Movement, inspiration for the United Commonwealth Society.