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Anniversary Wishes


This September marks the 11th anniversary of the founding of the United Commonwealth Society (formerly the Federal Commonwealth Society), and I thought I’d take that opportunity to look back briefly at the achievements of 2012/13, and forward to the – hopefully even greater – achievements of the near future.

FCS Floral Emblem

The floral emblem of the Federal Commonwealth Society (now UCS), 2005-2007

When I returned to the day-to-day hurly burly of Society activity in 2012, after a break of a few years, the UCS had dwindled to a dusty Facebook group and two active councillors (our former Chair, Luke Seaford, and current Chair, David Haisell), to whom we owe our very survival. My return, however, coincided with a slow but steady rise in membership, and the enthusiasm engendered by this new lease of life encouraged the remaining council to put in place a rejuvenation plan, including fresh council elections for 2013.

The results are there to see. We can once more boast a truly international and fast-growing organisation with well over 200 members, from Ghana to the Netherlands. Our Facebook page has over 500 likes and is adding more all the time. Our council boasts representatives from every major realm; we have a new website, a coherent and growing set of proposals, and processes and protocols in place for the society’s smoother function in future. Read more