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Realm Union in the News


The idea of a Commonwealth realm political union has come up in the news in recent days.

IEA Brexit PrizeThe surge of interest was prompted by the awarding of the IEA Brexit Prize. The award, granted by the Institute of Economic Affairs, sought the best blueprint for the United Kingdom after its proposed departure from the European Union.

Andrew Lilico, in his latest blog entry with the Daily Telegraph on the day of awarding, proposed a quasi-EU union of the CANZUK nations: Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom. Read his entry “The key Brexit question: who will our new pals be?” here.

Our friends at Commonwealth Exchange earned third place for their entry “Old Friends, New Deals”. Find a link to their submission on their website. We would like to offer them our warmest congratulations for their achievement!

Among the entrants was United Commonwealth Society member, and longtime Anglosphere and Commonwealth advocate, James Bennett. Mr. Bennett’s entry also advocated realm union as an alternative to continued EU membership. Although ultimately eliminated, we have not seen the last of his submission. Watch this space for more news as it comes!