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The United Commonwealth Society “Flies a Flag”


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The United Commonwealth Society, along with the rest of the Commonwealth, will be participating in Commonwealth Day celebrations on Monday, 10March 2014 for the first time.

The Chair of the Society, David Haisell, will be present at the Commonwealth Day flag-raising ceremony conducted by the Royal Commonwealth Society (Toronto Branch). A reception will follow, at which point Mr. Haisell will share a few words with those in attendance. The ceremony begins at 10:30am at the Ontario Legislative Assembly (Queen’s Park) in Toronto. Please RSVP by 6 March using the Eventbrite link below!

The Council Representative for the United Kingdom, Overseas Territories, and Crown Dependencies, Jon-Paul Teasdale, will be present at Wigan Town Hall for the Greater Manchester borough’s first Commonwealth Day ceremony. Conducted by the Leader of the Council, Lord Peter Smith, the ceremony will include the reading of a specially written Commonwealth Affirmation, followed by the raising of the Commonwealth Flag at 10am.

For further details, please click the links below. The United Commonwealth Society is grateful to the Royal Commonwealth Society (Toronto Branch) and Wigan Council for including us in their ceremonies.


Royal Commonwealth Society (Toronto Branch):


Fly a Flag for the Commonwealth:


Final Standings – Team Commonwealth


The 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi have come to a close. For the first time in Olympic history, Team Canada won gold in men’s and women’s ice hockey and men’s and women’s curling, giving Canada a total of 10 gold medals and 25 medals overall. Team GB won a single gold and 4 medals overall, while Team Australia collected two silvers and a bronze for a total of 3 medals. Congratulations to all of this year’s athletes.

Next stop: the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow!


medal standings - final

35 Years of Independence


Happy Independence Day St Lucia!

Go Team Commonwealth!


The United Commonwealth Society wishes all the best to the 363 athletes representing Australia, Bermuda, the British Virgin Islands, Canada, the Cayman Islands, Great Britain, India, Jamaica, New Zealand, Pakistan, and Tonga at Winter Olympics in Sochi. Good luck!


40 Years of Independence


grenada ind day

Happy Waitangi Day


waitangi day

The Year Ahead


On behalf of the 2014 Council of the United Commonwealth Society, I would like to thank all members for voting in this year’s election. Your support for our continued leadership of the Society is encouraging and gratefully received.

2013 was a transformational year for the Society. Membership closed in on 400 members. Our social media campaign bore abundant fruit, with our Facebook and Twitter pages attracting over 700 and nearly 100 followers respectively. Our website was rebuilt and relaunched, becoming a focal point for Society matters and attracting ever-increasing readership.

2014 will be a banner year in the Commonwealth; we will cheer on our athletes when they meet on the fields of play in Sochi, Edinburgh, and Brazil. We will bow our heads as we remember those who served and fell for King and Empire a century ago in the First World War. And those of us in the United Commonwealth Society specifically will remember those visionaries who met in the summer of 1884 to found the Imperial Federation League, our Victorian-era inspiration.

For these reasons, we are optimistic that the year ahead should prove just as transformational as the last for the Society. We will continue our social media and membership campaigns, with the goal of reaching 600 members, 1000 Facebook likes, and a greatly increased number of Twitter followers by year end. We will reach out to those in power to share our ideas and argue for increased bonds between the Commonwealth realms. We will endeavour to take the Society offline through face to face meets of members in our regions of interest. Finally, we will investigate the Society’s incorporation as a not for profit organisation, continuing the Society’s evolution.

Many more plans will be made and announced in the weeks and months that follow. As always, we welcome and encourage all member input and engagement. Were it not for your support, you would not be reading this today.

The year to come holds great challenges and great promise. We on Council will do all that we can to face any obstacles that come our way and work with you, our fellow members, to spread the word about what a Commonwealth realm union can achieve.

David J Haisell

Stephen Hale
Representative (Canada)

Edward Harris

Nick Thompson
Chairman Emeritus

Rowan Smith
Representative (Australia)

Jason Green
Representative (Caribbean)

Rob Morgan
Representative (New Zealand)

Wilson O. Thompson, MBE
Representative (Pacific)

Jon-Paul Teasdale
Representative (United Kingdom, Overseas Territories, and Crown Dependencies)