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Welcome to the brand new website of the United Commonwealth Society!


The United Commonwealth Society is a new vision for the Commonwealth, but at the same time a very old one. Founded in 2002, the UCS is inspired by the Round Table Movement of the 19th and 20th centuries (see our History of the UCS Page). We are a cross-party organization dedicated to encouraging closer diplomatic, economic, and cultural ties between the member states of the Commonwealth of Nations. In particular, the UCS advocates closer economic and political links between the Commonwealth Realms, the sixteen nations that have Queen Elizabeth II as Head of State.

We believe the Commonwealth Realms have the potential to form a global alliance of like-minded countries, with a shared language, history and culture. Such a union would be home to more than 120 million people, have a territorial presence in most corners of the globe, possess significant military and diplomatic power, and be a major player in many sectors of the global economy.

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David Haisell
United Commonwealth Society


Map of the Commonwealth Realms (source: Wikipedia)